Top 10 Ways to Anger People in Morocco (and some extra tips)

Hi friends,

After an exciting two weeks in Spain and Morocco (yep, I went to Africa!), I am now Casa Dolce Casa in Italy once again. Barcelona, Spain was an exciting city, but not the different cultural experience I was looking for. But that’s ok because Morocco was that times a bajillion!

Angie and I had to pinch ourselves back into our own reality every two seconds because we were so blown away by the mere fact that we were in Morocco. As amazing as it was to be a part of such a distinct culture and experience it hands on, there were definitely moments that we questioned our decision. I would recommend traveling to Morocco to anyone, but to make your experience more enjoyable and less crazy, here is a list of things you may want to avoid…

Top 10 Ways to Anger People in Morocco

10) Accidentally snort while laughing as you pass by a guy trying to get you to take a horse and carriage ride— he’ll think you are calling him a pig and then roll his eyes at you.

9) Accidentally knock on the door of a Mosque while taking a picture— As long as you run really fast when you see someone start to answer you will be fine.

8) Accidentally order food you didn’t want because thanks to language barriers, the waiter doesn’t realize you are only inquiring about the dish— You’ll get an annoyed look from the waiter, but just smile and you’ll be BFF again.

7) One word—HAGGLE

6) Get pressured into browsing souvenir camels on the street and repeatedly say “No thank you”— You’ll receive a lovely “F*** You” as you continue to walk.

5) When someone gives you unwarranted directions, say “Merci” at a volume level he can not hear you at— He will then say “Thank you” for you and mockingly say “You are very polite”.

4) Take pictures of baboons lurking in the streets without paying for the photos— until paying for or deleting these photos, the monkey owner will not let you pass through.

3) Tell a pushy food vendor you will return for dinner tomorrow night and never go back— The next time you see this guy he will call you a liar and tell you to leave his country.

2) Ask one guy where ya can find a good camel to ride, have him call the camel guy (Abdoul) and give him a description of you so Abdoul can find ya, then buy your camel ride from another guy (Said)— Little would you know that Abdoul would be waiting for you by his camels as you climbed onto Said’s acting dumbfounded and as innocent as a flower. Thought we were about to see somebody die that day.

1) Try on shoes in the souks for an hour and leave without buying anything— this will lead to being shoved out of the shop and told you wasted their work time.

Some extra tips for those wishing to travel to Morocco:

1) If at some point you get tired of being hassled, make up your own language. They know French, they know Arabic, they know English, they know Italian, they know Spanish…but when you mix all the languages together with a touch of a Chinese accent, they don’t know WHAT you bare saying! You will receive many mixed reactions from the hasslers. For example, one may look at you with a blank stare while the other will begin to laugh at the ridicule. No matter what the reaction, the outcome is always the same—THEY LEAVE YOU ALONE.

2) Ride a camel on the beach…enough said.

3) If you have a sensitive stomach, bring some antacids and whatever you do, do not drink the water!…Bottled only! The food is out of this world delicious but BEWARE!

4)  Heads up for the ladies: If you prefer tampons over pads, stock up prior to your trip cause once you’re there, you’ll only find wings.

5) Also for ladies: If Tom does decide to visit, or George as they like to refer to it in Italy, do not tell the hotel staff (which was made up solely of men for us) that you or your friend needs tea for a stomach ache…they will think you are experiencing issue #2.

6) Lastly, if you do decide to travel to Morocco, stay somewhere near the coast like Agadir or Essaouira and take a day trip to Marrakesh or Fez. Marrakesh is definitely a sight to see, but it can be done in a day and rather than living in an inferno all week, you can enjoy the freezing cold sea breeze from the comfort of your hotel by the coast.

Angie and I are so glad we travelled to Morocco. It was the escape from normalcy we were looking for. We broke out of our comfort zones and experienced a completely new life, and it was an adventure every second of the way to say the least.

“Fill your life with as many moments and experiences of joy and passion as you humanly can. Start with one moment and build on the rest.”—Marcia Weider

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