The Double Deckers

The great thing about London– No matter what time it is, there is ALWAYS a way home thanks to the wonderful bus system London’s got going for itself. And the best part, it’s safe, cheap, and provides an excellent view from the huge windows of the second story.

As long as you know the main area your destination resides in, all ya gotta do is look for a route suitable to your travels at any stop!

Understanding the bus types:
There are three kinds of buses in London—
1) The Day Bus– Time: around 6am-midnight; On route maps, these buses feature solely its number. (Ex. 87)
2) The Night Bus– Time: around midnight-6am; On route maps, these buses are indicated with a ‘N’ before its number (Ex.- N87)
3) The 24/7 Bus– Time: 24/7! (Awesome, I know!); On route maps, these buses are indicated with a ’24 Hour’ symbol. (Ex.- (24hour) 87)

Bus Hot Spots:

  • Trafalgar Square– If you have to take multiple buses to get home you will most likely transfer in the most central location of London, Trafalgar Square. From here, chances are good that you can find a way to get any where in London near or far. With so many night and 24 Hour routes stopping here, Trafalgar is a night club in and of itself during the late night hours.
  • Tottenham Court Road– Located just off Oxford St., Tottenham Court Rd. is another Trafalgar-like hot spot.
  • Waterloo– If you find yourself on the opposite side of the Thames, Waterloo offers bus routes going every which way. But be careful…with a large roundabout in the center of all the action, it can be quite confusing to find your stop…even with the maps! No worries though, Waterloo station is right next door if you have lost hope and wanna catch a tube, DLR,  or train!
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