My Ambition

Why did I decide to go abroad? Why not? This crazy idea to take a year off from my normal American life and live one of international culture, mystery, exploration, and growth all began after returning from a whirlwind study abroad in Paris.

All of the sudden, my genius “plan” to return to school, graduate, and jump into another two years of grad school didn’t seem so appealing anymore. Why would I want to jump start my life at the age of 24 with a stable lifetime job? Nah, putting forever on hold sounded like a much better idea.

So instead of spending my senior year in the library pulling my hair out at the sight of GRE books and grad school applications, I dreamed of a life eating gelato along the Amalfi coast, enjoying an English tea on a Thursday afternoon, schwooping down the slopes of  the French Alps, and simply embracing the world.

I wanted something so I made it happened. As simple as that.

“Once you have the drive, you just got to put your foot on the pedal and go.”

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