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After months spent researching jobs abroad that I as an American citizen without an EU Passport or work visa could obtain, I only knew what I’d be doing for the months of June-September when I left for my year abroad. Though many of the following opportunities popped up last minute and typically resulted in a time crunch to obtain the visa outside of the U.S.A (one issue I’ve been lucky with), everything fell into place perfectly.

ACLE: Italy, June-September 2011

Working as an ACLE tutor all summer provided the perfect opportunity to see Italy and embrace the culture while working an exciting job. Get paid to act like a kid singing, dancing, and playing in the most exaggerated way possible to teach English to Italian children?? Heck yes! It was just like my camp counselor days in North Carolina, except this time my days off were spent exploring the Roman ruins and licking away gelato on the Amalfi Coast.

  • Visa Needed: None required. 90 day allowance in EU countries affiliated with the Schengen agreement.

WAGGGS: London, UK, September 2011- January 2012

My work as a Girl Scout Troop Leader back home opened the door to my next job abroad. As a Volunteer Event Assistant for the World Association of Girl Scouts and Girl Guides, I was given the opportunity to meet individuals from around the globe and live in the exciting city of London. It was hard work and long hours, but without the position I wouldn’t have met so many amazing people or been able to make the big city my own!

  • Visa Needed: Tier 5 Temporary Charity Worker Visa. Luckily the UK permitted me to obtain this visa while in Italy since it was a volunteer visa, but like I said–lucky. Be sure to triple check the rules and regulations for each country.

Au Pair World: Paris, France, February-June 2012

Halfway through my London experience, I decided I wanted to return home having improved my French, a language I have been working to master for 4 years. What better way to do this than live with a French family?! As an Au Pair, I now have the opportunity to attend French class twice a week and practice the language with the kiddies I care for, the parents, and everyone I meet while soaking up the French culture!

  • Visa Needed: Long Stay Student Visa (Au Pair). Because I had an address in London and a valid UK visa at the time, I again got lucky and had no problem getting the French work visa. However, it is usually one that must be obtained in your home country.

American Language Village: Taiwan, July 2012

This July, I will be working as an English teacher at an ACLE-style camp in TAIWAN! This one month opportunity will give me a taste of the Asian culture and will allow me to travel through the surrounding countries. Looking forward to a culture shock and a completely different experience unlike any I’ve had thus far in Europe.

  • Visa Needed: None required. 1 month allowance in the country without a visa.


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