The Cost

I arrived in Europe with about €1000…barely enough to last a few weeks.  But because the jobs I found included housing and accommodation, the cost of my year abroad has only been the price of my plane ticket to Europe: $700

June-September: At €225/week, I was able to save about €1200 from my summer with ACLE. This money went towards a winter wardrobe for London (a must for this Florida girl) and my 3 weeks of travel in January.

September-January: Making £60/week with the London position doesn’t sound like much, but with free housing and accommodation, I put the allowance towards my fun times in London town allowing me to save some of the summer funds for post-London travels. Christmas and birthday money without a doubt was a huge help.

February-June: My in between London-Paris travels bankrupted me. But no worries, I’m re-building the travel fund with my current Au Pair job in Paris and will be booking trips and a flight home the U.S. of A. (can’t believe it!) in the next few months!

July-August: As an English teacher for ALV in Taiwan, I will be reimbursed airfare plus salary for a total of $1800. For one month’s work, that’s not too bad.

August-September: Tutoring in China and living off of money made in Taiwan.

In the end, yeah I’m completely broke, but this hasn’t been about making money…

“Life Experiences: Priceless”

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