The Chapters of My Travel Book

I can’t begin to express how thankful I am to have the opportunity to take advantage of such a life changing experience my year abroad has given me. It’s now month 10 of 16+ and everyday brings a new adventure, challenge, life lesson, and cultural experience.

Chapter 1: Bella Italia

I found a huge appreciation for the Italian culture through my job with ACLE. Moving from Rome to the south of Italy and up to the north gave me a well-rounded view of the different Italian mindsets in each region but the similar love for their culture and life.

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Chapter 2: London Town

London was the ultimate ‘Single Girl in the City’ experience. With no real responsibilities, I took advantage of making the city my own, living it up with girlfriends, and discovering the British culture and International flare of London.

Good Life– A Photo Video of my favorite times in London.

Chapter 3: O Paris

And now Paris…O Paris. The city and I have a love/hate relationship. After an ‘interesting’ study abroad experience, I wasn’t exactly keen to return to the city where no one smiles. But I decided what I really wanted to take from my time abroad was mastering a language…and with some knowledge of French, Paris was the obvious choice. And I’m so happy I’ve returned.

As an Au Pair, I have realized that what I was missing from my first Paris experience was the French culture. Now, for five months, I get to live the French culture everyday with a wonderful family that shows me what France is all about and gives me a home away from home. Plus, playing Princess with “mini-me” Manon (5.5), Cars with tough cookie Antonin (3.5), and Peek-a-Boo with coquine Annais (1.5) ain’t such a bad gig.

To be continued…

My travel book is still in the making. This is just the beginning of my attempts to describe what has been an indescribable and unreal reality.

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