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If you are interested in having a once and a life time experience around the world but have no idea where to begin, I am here to help in anyway I can!

Feel free to leave comments, questions, or travel ideas below, or contact me directly at

Look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Explorations and Discoveries!


2 thoughts on “Need Advice?

  1. Thanks

    Hi I technically don’t have my bachelor’s degree (only 2 courses short of microbiology degree) i have pretty good grades on my transcript except towards the end. I was previously such an accomplished student also in writing. Can I get a decent paying English teaching job somewhere abroad? I also plan to volunteer teaching English in South Africa for a few months first. It seems odd that employers would not take into consideration so many years of college experience (as some blogs imply) I also am not hot on getting my TEFL. it seems like volunteer teaching and learning how to do lesson plan alone could suffice. A few TEFL programs really turned me off. they seem too eager to advise you and supply their “statistics” I would appreciate any pointers. Thanks for this awesome website.

    • Hi Anna– this is an excellent site to use when searching English teaching jobs abroad and not all require TEFL certification. Make sure to screen each job and make sure it is legitimate of course, but this site provides job opps all over the world.

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