Work Abroad

Let’s face it, traveling anywhere these days can be pricy! But believe it or not, there are ways to MAKE money off your trip…it just requires a little searching.

What are your interests? This is the first question you have to ask yourself before beginning the job search.

EU Passport Holders
If you are one of these lucky people that hold an EU Passport, you are set. Pick a job, any job and you’ll be good to go.

Non-EU Passport Holders
This is the category I fall into unfortunately. Though the job options are slim there are still opportunities out there!

Teaching English:

Summer Jobs:

ACLEItaly (various locations)

  • Work as an English tutor in Italy for the summer in an enthusiastic environment where teaching is done through song, dance, activity, and fun.

Perks: €225-250/week, free housing and accommodation, and get paid to travel through Italy almost every week.

Village Camps–  Switzerland, England, France, Austria, China, Canada

  • Work as a counselor, activity specialist, language teacher, or other at one of these international summer or outdoor education camps.

American Village CampFrance

  • Work as a spring, summer, or autumn counselor teaching English in a fun and enthusiastic Americanized environment in France.

Perks: €770-880/month, housing and accommodation, and a chance to live in France.

American Language VillageTaiwan

  • Work as an English Teacher for the summer in Taiwan while enjoying the surrounding culture of the beautiful island.

Perks: Airfare reimbursement + salary up to $1800 plus extra pocket money, free housing and accommodation, and a once and a lifetime experience in Asia.

School Year Contracts:

Dave’s ESL Cafe(various international job locations but primarily Asia)

  • Teach English in Asia, Europe, South America, wherever your heart desires! Just click on a job description that interests you and apply!

Perks: Many positions in Asia offer a good salary plus return flights and a housing allowance or placement if you work a full year.

Ministry of Education: Visit the Ministry of Education’s Web site for the country you are interested in an English teaching assistant program. Here are a few links for select countries:

Disney EnglishChina (various locations)

Disney has constructed a special English language curriculum designed around their principles of academia. As a Foreign Academic cast member, you can find career opportunities in a variety of environments such as the learning center or the corporate office.

Perks: Free park admission, salary, airfare, travel and housing allowance, health benefits, and more.

Fulbright is a program that places qualified individuals in one country for an English Teaching Assistantship in which the participant teaches English while also conducting research.

International Education and Exchange Programs:

Disney International ProgramsOrlando, Florida

DIP offer individuals from around the world the opportunity to work, travel, and share their culture throughout the United States. Programs include the International College Program, Cultural Representative Program, and the Australia/New Zealand program.

Perks: Salary, free park admission, and other cast member discounts.

NAFSA– USA and some overseas

NAFSA is a non-profit organization focused on International Education. NAFSA offers advice on how to get started in the field as well as a search engine for careers, internships, and other opportunities in International Education.  Opportunities within NAFSA include internships, employment, and conference attendance.

Center for Cultural Interchange– USA and worldwide

International opportunities to travel while working, volunteering, learning, or interning through CCI and sponsored programs. Note: Some programs are fee-based while other opportunities are not.  Work for CCI


Au Pair World

Great Au Pair

  • Au Pairing is a great opportunity to experience a new culture and language first-hand by living with a host family and caring caring for the children.

Perks: As an in-house Au Pair, the family will provide you with a room, meals, weekly allowance, a cultural experience, and daily foreign language immersion.

Travel Jobs:

  • Flight Attendant- All airlines are different, but as a flight attendant you will most likely have at least a day to explore the flight destination.

Virgin Atlantic
Virgin America

Perks: Free travel around the world and free or discounted flights for family and friends.

  • Cruise Ship- Working on a cruise ship as an entertainer, waiter, housekeeper, kids club assistant, etc. will allow you to travel by sea to beautiful places around the world. It’s a lot of work, but if you get the right job, you the long hours will pay off when you’re exploring holiday destinations.

Royal Caribbean International
Disney Cruise Line
Princess Cruise

Perks: Sail around the world!

  • Hostels- EU Passport holders can work for their stay in any country of choice. Just pick a country you’d like to visit for at least a month, find a hostel that needs extra help, and you’ve got yourself a free stay and some pocket money to explore a foreign land.

Check out for a listing of hostels.

Perks: Get paid to live in an exciting new place for free.


Are you involved in an organization that is known worldwide? Check out their website to see if there are international opportunities for you to get involved with.

Peace Corps– Volunteer in a country completely different than your own in the areas of education, youth and community development, health, business and information and communications technology, agriculture, and environment.
World Association of Girl Scouts and Girl Guides– Volunteer at a WAGGGS World Centre in London, Switzerland, India, or Mexico.
Doctors Without Borders– Volunteer in a medical or non-medical field around the world providing service to individuals whose lives are threatened by various causes.


9 thoughts on “Work Abroad

  1. Hi, Work in abroad offer many opportunity. It exposes employers to global job scenario.
    Thanks for this post.

    • Thank you very much for reading : )
      I feel it is tough for both employers and job seekers to find information about the available work opportunities overseas. With my site I hope to make the search a bit easier for those with similar ambitions to my own! If ever you find work opportunities in the world that could be a beneficial addition to my page, please share and I will make sure to add the links and info!


  2. Alex

    Dear Sir
    I m Alex i would like to know more about this NGOs . how i can i join an service the people who r in need of my help . i m really proud to volunteer for the poor . And aslo i hve been v experience the volunteering life with poor i really wish that i could join the NGOs . thank u

  3. Fanastastic,it enbling someone with exposure for travelling and intermingle with different cultures and regions around the globe.

    • Thank you Michael! Your comment is very much appreciated. I hope we can achieve stronger links between the SLP communities!

  4. Rebecca Joyce

    I am a 39 year old Indian woman (Christian, protestant), residing in Bangalore, India. I have 18-1/2 years in medical transcription, have a tesol certificate through American tesol institute, Kolkata and recently completed IELTS through British Council securing 8 band score. I want to know if I have any chance securing a job abroad.

  5. Angeela Donald

    I’m curious how do I get information if interested in the Disney English program. As I have completed an Intern at Walt Disney World in Florida while in College I would be interested to learn about the program in China as well. Is there an age restriction, is there a time specification(6 mos, 9 mos or 12 mos) to work the program?

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