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Garage Sales in Paris

Staring at any black and white photo of Paris, one can’t help but wonder what the city’s streets resembled in the 1920s. Though modernized to keep up with an ever-changing world, Paris continues to maintain the same mystery, romance, and distinction that has lured people from across the world for centuries.

Street Market in Paris, 1920’s

It is in all its splendor that Paris can make even the most prosaic person fall into an idyllic state of mind. So how does the city have such an affect? By sucking people into the days of antiquity with unique events such as Antiquité Brocantes (antique garage sales/flea markets) that occur randomly throughout Paris.

Rustic book collection at the Antiquité Brocante off the Bonne Nouvelle metro.

A garage sale in Paris is no ordinary garage sale. Old school cameras and records. Rustic books and stamps. Antique china and glass. Shabby chic furniture and decor. Vintage clothing and accessories. All the collectibles one can imagine can be found at these decorated markets along some of the most hidden streets of Paris.

Shabby chic furniture and vintage clothing.

However, they are tricky to find. Unless you’re living in the city and constantly walking by advertisements for upcoming brocantes, sometimes you just have to be in the right place at the right time. Large yellow banners are typically displayed around the nearby brocante leading you to the Parisian time portal. is a helpful site for anyone searching for treasures waiting to be discovered at these one-of -a-kind street markets in Paris or anywhere in France.

Or you can just pick a spot on the map and wander until you find your yellow brick road. Often that is how the rarest of gems are found.

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